Real-time entertainment with iBet live betting

If you want in on the action happening in real time, iBet live betting is the place for you.


Live betting – the ultimate thrill betting on sports while it’s happening

There are matches and games played around the world as we speak. And while the clock is ticking, time has not run out for you to place your in-play bet on football, ice hockey, tennis, esports, cricket, and volleyball. Live bets are placed on events happening after a game has begun and before it ends.

How is online betting different from live betting?

Sports betting has evolved and in Canada, single bet gambling is now legalized. Betters at iBet can optimize their online betting experience by betting on the outcome of sporting events with online betting or play the different markets during a game with live betting. In-play betting, as a form of online betting, can be the wiser option, as players can read the game while in play.


Sports aligned for live betting at iBet

With online betting, players can place their bets on a match regardless of when the game is taking place. With in-play betting the bets must be placed after the game has begun and before it ends.

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Volleyball enthusiasts can place their live bets in the Russia Liga Pro, National League Women, and other matches displayed at the time of betting. Available price boosts on selected games, pay out as additional winnings.

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Adding to the excitement of game betting, iBet gives players a sneak peak of upcoming basketball events. If you want to bet money on Brooklyn Nets for the expertise of Kevin Durant, you can see when the next game is due.



With iBet’s focus on client protection, players can make informed decisions on upcoming soccer matches by looking at the teams’ performances in the past, predictions, and add an event to be indicated under favourites.



Badminton is a fun game to follow, and at the speed points can be collected, a good choice to bet on in live betting. Though badminton is dying out in some countries, it is still a game played at the Olympics.

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With Djokowic not even reaching the court with the Australian open, Nadal is currently the winner of the most grand slams in history. Tennis is one of the most exciting sporting events to watch and bet on in live betting.

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If there is nothing happening on the sports front, there will always be eSports with live odds. The fun with electronic sports is that no rain, tsunami, or other disaster can stop it from happening.

In play betting at iBet via your mobile

With efficiency for mobile use, iBet live betting is possible wherever you find yourself while the game is underway. You have all the latest events at your fingertips, with payment methods that work perfectly via your phone and an iBet casino bonus to start you off. iBet does not have a downloadable app yet, but the website’s streaming is uninterrupted with a genius layout for smaller screens.

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Pros and cons of live betting

Live betting can be heaps of fun, especially if you are aware of the pros and cons. This way you can see the signs before giving way to bad judgement or impulsive behaviour.


  • It is possible to change bets if the game doesn’t go as planned
  • Players can take advantage of price boosts if the game is going well
  • Making bets with in-play betting is hugely entertaining
  • There is a higher level of excitement with in-play betting


  • It is more difficult to read the game
  • There is less time to make calculated decisions

How to place in-play bets at iBet

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Find your game

In-play games will come up the minute a player clicks on live betting. Players can add the games of interest to their favourites and look at the game history.

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Place a starting bet

You can place a bet on the game by opening the markets and clicking on the block indicating which odds you want to follow, which will load your betting slip automatically.

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Watch the whole game

Players sometimes get impatient, but it is crucial to watch the whole game to see where there is an opportunity to change your vote for a better payout.

Handy iBet live betting tips for newbies

Live betting is different from conventional betting and there are some pitfalls one should avoid. There are a couple of tricks players can use to fair better with live betting.

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Stay within your limits

It is easy to get side-tracked into overspending during the frenzy of the game with live betting. Make sure you know what you have on the line with multiple bets.

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Start with simpler bets

Learn how betting works before placing bets in live betting. Live gambling is more complicated than placing traditional bets, so it is a good idea to start off slower.

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Know the interface

When you must make quick decisions with an in-play bet, there is no time to fiddle around, so make sure you know where to change bets and load the betting slip before you dabble with live betting.